The IsSDB is happy to launch a new prize, the IsSDB 'cool-paper student award'. The award will be presented to students or postdoctoral fellows for the publication of a highly innovative and original paper in the field of developmental biology. Papers published (or in press) between 2019-2021 are eligible.

To apply - Candidates should submit the following

  • CV
  • The publication in question (accepted to a peer-reviewed journal)
  • A short cover letter (one page max), written by your mentor, that explains how the publication advanced the field of research, and what makes the work particularly original. 

Send these files by mail by July 15th 2021.

The prize will be selected by an ad hoc committee that includes the IsSDB steering committee members.

The winner(s) will present their work at the next IsSDB meeting on September 2nd 2021.