Research Groups

The Israeli developmental biology community encompasses several dozens of research groups engaged in the exploration of the different cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the highly coordinated development of multicellular organisms. Local researchers virtually utilize all the well-established model organisms (e.g., fly, worm, fish, mouse, plants, etc.), and the varied research touches almost every aspect in the area of developmental biology.

IsSDB Community

Name Link Research Interest
Uri Abdu Homepage Cytoskeleton function during cell shape organization in Drosophila
Eli Arama Homepage Cellular destruction processes in development
Ruth Ashery-Padan Homepage Molecular mechanisms of eye development in mammals
Nissim Ben-Arie Homepage Transcriptional regulation of CNS and limb development
Smadar Ben-Tabou de-Leon Homepage Developmental genetic and cellular networks
Limor Broday Homepage Sumoylation in morphogenesis and regeneration
Yossi Buganim Homepage Stem cell biology and cell fate decision
Tal Burstyn-Cohen Homepage PROS1 and TAM signaling in health and disease – from development to adult tissues
Ariel Chipman Homepage Evolutionary developmental biology, the origin of animal body plans, with an emphasis on arthropod segmentation
Idan Efroni Homepage Regeneration and organogenesis in plants
Yaniv Elkouby Homepage Cellular mechanisms of germ cell development and gonad morphogenesis in zebrafish
Dale Frank Homepage Body axis formation in Xenopus embryos
Offer Gerlitz Homepage Mechanisms of organogenesis in Drosophila
Nitzan Gonen Homepage Mammalian sex determination and gonadal development
Yoram Groner Homepage Molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in development and disease
Yosef Gruenbaum Homepage The nuclear lamina in health and disease
Jacob Hanna Homepage Molecular regulation of embryonic potency
Peleg Hasson Homepage Cell : matrix interactions during organogenesis
Eran Hornstein Homepage microRNAs in development and disease
Tamar Juven-Gershon Homepage Regulation of gene expression via the core promoter
Chaya Kalcheim Homepage Development of neural and mesodermal progenitors
Estee Kurant Homepage Cell clearance during development and homeostasis
Limor Landsman Homepage Pancreas development and function
Shulamit Levenberg Homepage Tissue engineering and stem cells, 3D tissue organization, tissue vascularization models in vitro and in vivo
Gil Levkowitz Homepage Zebrafish as a vertebrate model to study the development and function of the hypothalamus
Chen Luxenburg Homepage Cytoskeletal regulation of epidermal development 
Iftach Nachman Homepage Cell fate decisions in early differentiation and reprogramming
Nir Ohad Homepage Epigenetic regulation mediated by DNA and histone methylation during plant reproduction and embryogenesis
Meital Oren-Suissa Homepage Sexual dimorphism in the nervous system - molecules, synapses, circuits and behavior
Naomi Ori Homepage Leaf patterning
Amir Orian Homepage Cell identity and non-oncogene addiction networks in Drosophila and cancer
Ze’ev Paroush Homepage Transcriptional responses to RTK signaling
Beni Podbilewicz Homepage Developmental cell fusion
Ella Preger-Ben Noon Homepage Mechanisms and evolution of gene regulation
Michal Rabani Homepage Post-transcriptional regulation of early zebrafish development
Adi Salzberg Homepage PNS development in Drosophila
Sharon Schlesinger Homepage Epigenetic silencing in mouse and bovine embryonic stem cells
Oren Schuldiner Homepage Mechanisms of neuronal remodeling
Tom Schultheiss Homepage Organogenesis and morphogenesis in the vertebrate embryo 
Dalit Sela-Donenfeld Homepage Hindbrain and neural crest development
Ruby Shalom-Feuerstein Homepage Epithelial stem cells, development and pathophysiology
Benny Shilo Homepage Morphogen gradients in Drosophila / Morphogenesis by actomyosin
Karl Skorecki Homepage Molecular genetics and human disease
David Sprinzak Homepage Systems developmental biology
Hila Toledano Homepage Adult stem cells and tissue regeneration in Drosophila
Eldad Tzahor Homepage Cardiac development and regeneration
Talila Volk Homepage Developmental and cell biology of muscles
Haguy Wolfenson Homepage Mechanisms of cell adhesion and mechanosensing
Omri Wurtzel Homepage Whole-body regeneration in invertebrate model organisms
Shaul Yalovsky Homepage Cell polarity and development in plants
Karina Yaniv Homepage Mechanisms of blood and lymphatic vessel formation
Avraham Yaron Homepage Mechanisms of axonal guidance and pruning