The IsSDB Career Award

The IsSDB Career Award is presented annually in recognition of Israeli scientists who significantly contributed to the field of Developmental Biology and the development of the field in Israel. The winners are chosen by an ad-hoc award advisory committee composed of representatives from all the major Israeli universities, as well as the members of the steering committee.


The 2020 IsSDB Career Award will be presented to Prof. Benjamin Podbilewicz of the Technion—Israel institute of technology.
The award will be presented to Beni in recognition of his significant contributions to the field of Developmental Biology, specifically in the area of cell-cell fusion, and the development of Developmental Biology research in Israel. The ceremony will take place at the Annual IsSDB Symposium on “ECM, cytoskeleton and

migration,” which will take place on April, 29th 2021, at the Weizmann Institute. Prof. Podbilewicz’s lecture will follow the ceremony.