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Past IsSDB Career Award Winners

The 2019 IsSDB Career Award will be presented to Prof. Howard (Chaim) Cedar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The award will be presented to Chaim at the joint meeting of the German and Israeli societies for Developmental Biology, which will take place in February 17-20, 2019, Vienna, Austria. The ceremony will be followed by Prof. Cedar’s lecture.

Selected wording from members in the award advisory committee:

“Dr. Cedar’s work laid the foundation for an important new field of study, epigenetics… This work was a true breakthrough and it gave rise to the concept of epigenetic reprogramming, a key process in development that establishes the ability of cells to transform into different types.”

“Together with prof. Aharon Razin, they have advanced our understanding of how gene regulation works and what happens when the processes go wrong.”

“Clearly outstanding by his pioneering work on DNA methylation and the role of chromatin in gene regulation. Absolute groundbreaking work on the molecular biology of DNA and transcription regulation (during development)…”

“The work of Howard Cedar on developmental epigenetics has had the highest impact, globally.”

“Although not a developmental biologist per se, Cedar’s discoveries had profound implications in developmental biology. The process of DNA methylation and its implications to inheritance of epigenetic traits during early embryonic development is by now a textbook.”

“Prof. Cedar is a gifted speaker and a teacher…his outstanding mentoring abilities, through which he has inspired the career of many students and collaborators.”

“Not less important, several members of our Developmental Community were his former students, and this further attests for his leadership and vision”

Members of the IsSDB 2019 Career Award Advisory Committee:

  • Prof. Eli Arama (Weizmann Institute)

  • Prof. Daniel Chamovitz (Tel Aviv University)

  • Prof. Peleg Hasson (Technion)

  • Dr. Yael Heifetz (Hebrew University)

  • Prof. Sivan Henis-Korenblit (Bar-Ilan University)

  • Prof. Herbert Jäckle (Max-Planck, Göttingen, Germany)

  • Dr. Hila Toledano (University of Haifa)

  • Prof. Adi Salzberg (Technion)

  • Prof. Benny Shilo (Weizmann Institute)

  • Prof. David Sprinzak (Tel Aviv University)