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Past IsSDB Career Award Winners

The 2017 IsSDB Career Award was presented to Prof. Ben-Zion (Benny) Shilo of the Weizmann Institute on June 18, 2017, in recognition of his significant contributions to the field of Developmental Biology and to the development of this research area in Israel. The ceremony took place at The Annual IsSDB Symposium on “Developmental Cell Death” at the Weizmann Institute.

Selected wording from members in the award advisory committee:

“Prof. Shilo established the foundation for modern Developmental Biology in Israel, working in the field of segmentation, pattern formation, differentiation and signaling during Drosophila development”

“The field of Developmental Biology in Israel would have been completely different today without his immense contribution”

“Benny is, by far, the leading developmental biologist in Israel. He has been influential and inspirational in attracting numerous young Israeli scientists to the field. Largely responsible for establishing the local fly community (over 20 active laboratories), as well as for the various developmental biology groups at the WIS.”

“Some prominent ex-students/postdoctoral fellows of Benny: Eyal Schejter, Danny Segal, Ron Wides, Erez Raz, Ronen Schweitzer, Eli Zelzer, and Pablo Wappner”

Members of the IsSDB 2017 Career Award Advisory Committee:

  • Prof. Eli Arama (Weizmann Institute)

  • Dr. Smadar Ben-Tabou de-Leon (University of Haifa)

  • Prof. Howard Cedar (Hebrew Univ.)

  • Dr. Peleg Hasson (Technion)

  • Prof. Benny Motro (Bar-Ilan Univ.)

  • Prof. Ze’ev Paroush (Hebrew Univ.)

  • Prof. Beni Podbilewicz (Technion)

  • Prof. Dalit Sela-Donenfeld (Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew Univ.)

  • Dr. David Sprinzak (Tel Aviv Univ.)

  • Prof. Hermann Steller (Rockefeller Univ.)